My girls know Cloud Computing, seriously!

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I am a proud #GirlDad. We try to expose our girls to activities they enjoy, such as cooking, ballet, gymnastics, and so on, in the hopes that they will eventually discover what they want to do with their lives when they are adults.

However, I am slightly biased - I teach them coding and computing - with the hope they fall in love with IT. I described my approach in the Tips To Get Your Kids Excited About Coding blog post. Check it out!

It’s incredible how fast they understand the concepts. I’d typically have them present what they have learnt to me. This time, I took the pleasure of recording their presentations.

Watch as my beautiful 9 and 6 year-olds “demystify” (LoL) the concepts of:

  1. The Internet
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Cyber Security and
  4. Cyber Bullying.

Interestingly, there perspectives are slighlty different on each subject. Let’s watch!



Naomi loves to cook and to code

This was recorded when she was 8 years old.

Read this blog post to learn more on why and how to get your kids excited about coding.

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